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webmaster management services

Webmaster and other Management Services

As an extension of Web Mechanix's main products, we over the following additional services:
  • Webmaster

    webmaster management services Rather than creating a website that allows the client to maintain content, it is sometimes necessary for us to maintain the changes on behalf of the client. In these cases, a static site is normally set up and the information updated by Web Mechanix on instruction from the client.

    Whilst it may be expected to be the more costly option, this is often not the case and contracting Web Mechanix as a Webmaster has a host of benefits.

    Webmaster duties can also include the publishing of a client's email newsletters on a regular basis.

  • Site Evaluation

    As a service for potential clients, Web Mechanix offers a professional evaluation of existing websites, making suggestions to improve the site - where and if applicable.

    This service is offered free of charge. If a website serves its purpose and does not need to be changed - we will tell you - Web Mechanix's reputation is too important to jeopardise.
At present there are a number of areas into which Web Mechanix intends to extend its operation. Although no definite arrangements have been made to date, the additional services we would like to offer include:
  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Website Hosting

  • Communication Products

  • Template Solutions for Small Busineses

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