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Current projects in progress
  • Travel Doctor

    Clinics database
    The currently static Clinics pages are to become content managed via the back-office. Price list currently set up for head-office will be extended to include the other clinics. In addition, we will create a new page for the Malaria leaflets and make changes to the website template structure.
    • Database modifications have been completed.
    • Currently developing the back-office maintenance facilities for Clinics and Price List
    • We are hoping to have this completed by Monday 16 September 2013
    Last update - 14 Sep '13

  • Bubbles Plastics

    Website Revamp
    This is the third redesign of the Bubbles website Web mechanix has done since creating their first website in 2001. This version will include full e-commerce to the extent of a catalogue of all products with online ordering and payment. Linking the website to social media and the creation of a promotional email newsletter are also part of the project.
    • Redesign of website layout completed.
    • Waiting for client to comment on category images
    • This project is far overdue - reasons are many.
    Last update - 17 Jul '13

  • ProBeta Training

    Extension of Website
    The booking website for our client ProBeta Training is to be moved to a new server and a new domain name. After successful transfer, we will reskin the booking site, turning it into a complete stand-alone website with the booking facilities incorporated.
    • We have connected to the new host and set up the website as is on the bookings site.
    • At present we are waiting for permissions to be set in order for the site to work.
    Last update - 22 Aug '13

  • Sugar Babe

    Website Development
    New website for Sugar Babe with catalogue, ordering and online payment facilities
    • Back-office and place holder set up on "live" domain
    • Client busy capturing product information
    Last update - 22 Aug '13

  • Source Doc

    This is a static HTML website for our client SugarBabe.
    Last update - 15 Aug '13

  • King Pool

    This is a static HTML website for our client SugarBabe
    Last update - 15 Aug '13

Latest update - 14 September 2013
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